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For questions about non-English MTG cards, including translation concerns.

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How does Magic handle “Type – Subtype” lines that don’t fit on the card when translated?

This question links to a Russian version of Peel from Reality which has “Мгновенное заклинание” as its type line—literally, “Instant spell” rather than just “Instant” (I assume there is some Russian ...
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24 votes
7 answers

How can I translate a Magic card printed in a language that I don't know?

I bought a bulk pack of magic cards today and one of them was in a foreign language. I don’t know which language it is. Google translate is not recognizing it, even when I take a picture of it. How ...
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Can I look up the text of my foreign cards on my phone in MTG tournaments? [duplicate]

Hey guys I have a question. I play commander and most of my cards are in foreign language. I use google drive to have a picture of the actual card in English. If I go to a tournament am I allowed to ...
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