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For questions about the rotating Magic the Gathering format involving sets from the past two years.

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What are budget options for decks competitive in local standard tournaments? [closed]

With Wizards of the Coast pushing the format again, building budget-friendly decks to compete in the local scene becomes relevant. How can one approach the construction of budget decks for competitive ...
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Are there any cards legal in Kamigawa Standard that would allow me to copy a legendary creature and keep the copy?

As the title says. I am playing in Standard format and am wanting to have two copies of a legendary creature on the battlefield at once. Is there any card that would legally allow me to do that? I'm ...
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Could I use old lands for a standard MTG deck? [duplicate]

Could I use land cards from let’s say 8th edition in my standard format deck? Or do I have to use newer cards?
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Legality in Standard of Standard-legal cards from previous printings [duplicate]

Say I have a copy of Llanowar Elves from the 2017 Core Set. Can I put it in a current Standard deck, or do I need to have a version from currently Standard-legal set?
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Can you play older versions of cards in standard?

Say, for example, you have a card that is still legal in standard but the version you have of it comes from a set that has since been rotated out. Can you still play the version from your older set?
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