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For questions about the 1996 game Netrunner designed by Richard Garfield. Not to be confused with Android: Netrunner, a 2012 game published by FantasyFlight based on this game.

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How compatible are the two versions of Netrunner?

I have a stash of the original Netrunner game. If I were to play a game against someone with the Android:Netrunner game, what changes/adjustments would we need to make?
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What's the etymology of the term "rez" in the Netrunner games?

In the Netrunner games, "rezzing" a card is the act of revealing and paying for it when you're playing as the Corporation (in the new LCG anyway; I'm not familiar with the original CCG, but I believe ...
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Do I get to declare HQ Mole before watching the first cards I'd access anyway?

If I make a successful run on the HQ or R&D, do I have to declare I'm going to use a Mole before watching the cards I would access, or can I access them, and then decide if I want to access more (...
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If I rez Rasmin Bridger after an ICE, does the Runner have to pay its bit immediately?

If I rez Rasmin Bridger after the Runner has passed a piece of ICE, does he get to pay its bit immediatly, or does it take effect only after the following ICE?
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Is there a limit to the maximum number of each card in a Netrunner deck?

In collectible card games there is usually a maximum number of each card one can use in a deck for constructed formats. As a reference, take Magic: The Gathering where most formats allow for 4 of each ...
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