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Questions tagged [nine-mens-morris]

Strategy game for two players, said to date from Roman times. Played on a board of intersecting lines, players alternately place or move one of their nine men (counters) to complete rows of three.

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Strategy for Movable Tic Tac Toe

Movable Tic Tac Toe is similar to the classic game as it uses 3 x 3 matrix and has the same goal of winning, which is to align 3 X's or O's marks horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The ...
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Unbeatable Nine Men's Morris AI?

Supposedly Nine Men's Morris is a solved game that always ends in a draw if both players play perfectly. Has anybody successfully implemented an AI that achieves this perfect level of play? If so, how ...
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Can I find a recorded game of nine mens morris?

I was trying to find dataset from some nine mens morris professional games. But I couldn't find it. Is there someone who can help me with this?
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How to win at Nine Men's Morris

I always find finishing off my opponent tricky in Nine Men's Morris. If they have 3 pieces and can fly, how do I guarantee a mill to secure the win? What's the minimum number of pieces I can do this ...
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Resources for Nine Men's Morris

I just started playing Nine Men's Morris. I have tried playing with both the computer and on online multiplayer settings and have been doing abysmally. I tried finding some good resource on the net ...
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