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For questions about the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf, by Bézier Games. First edition originally published in 2014.

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Can't play bluffing game like Avalon or Were

First, I've no problem with my logic. I can play strategy games, coding. But I don't know why when it's come to bluffing game like Avalon or Werewolf, My brain is dead. I just don't get what they ...
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Who dies if Defenderer has the 2nd most votes?

This is similar to a previous question of mine: Bodyguard vs Hunter In this case, though, the problem comes about using the Defenderer role from One Night Ultimate Supervillain. The rules for the ...
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In One Night Werewolf: Monster, does the master play?

I got the ruleset for One Night Werewolf:Monsters and it mentions that it can be played with 3-7 players. However, I don't think it is clear if the Master is also a player or just narrates the game ...
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One Night Ultimate Werewolf: If your card is moved, whose team are you on?

I've been playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf (ONUW) for a few years, and I'm afraid we've been doing it wrong. I play so that if you're a Werewolf at the start of the game, you stay on the Werewolf ...
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Any games like Werewolf for two persons? [closed]

I am totaly new on board cards games. I tried WereWolf for one night last weekend, and I wonder what other games in same logic ? If to take into account that I want a board game playable for 2 ...
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How it is physically possible to play ONUW with 10 players?

We were playing with only 6, and we found it is virtually impossible to reach for cards across the table without making a lot of telltale noise. I opted for crowding in and keeping my arm raised on my ...
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How much 'table talk' is OK - and when?

We played a couple of dozen games over the weekend. Is it all right to talk about things that are transpiring during the 'night' phase? There does not seem to be anything that discourages it. For ...
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What happens when the Paranormal Investigator looks at a Doppelganger or Copy Cat who is now bad?

When a Doppelganger (or Copy Cat from the Vampires expansion) look at a role, their card now takes on the role they looked at. So, if they are swapped by a troublemaker, for example, the person who ...
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Bodyguard vs Hunter

Two questions. The first is the simpler of the two to establish a baseline. In One Night Ultimate Werewolf with the Daybreak expansion, if the Hunter is killed, and the Hunter and Bodyguard are both ...
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Should players recount their moves during deliberation in Werewolf? What if no werewolves?

I've only played about 10 games of ONUW and during deliberation on who to vote out, a trend emerges: we often discuss what we did and try to deduce who is who. Say there was a Seer, Troublemaker, ...
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Do other wolves wake up during the werewolf phase in ONUW?

Do all werewolves awake during the werewolf phase or only characters explicitly titled "werewolf"? Does Mystic Wolf wake up? What about Dream Wolf? I would think yes because otherwise how would you ...
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One Night ultimate werewolf Hunter Question

So I just bought One Night ultimate werewolf and I am about to play it for the first time in about 2 hours but I have a few questions: I know that in the night, you do the action of whatever was your ...
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What happens when The Paranormal Investigator discovers a Werewolf?

I played One Night Ultimate Werewolf last night and the following happened: The Paranormal Investigator looked at a Werewolf card. The Troublemaker swapped the Paranormal Investigator with the ...
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