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The opening refers to the beginning of a game, specifically the strategy and tactics involved in making the initial deployments and early moves that set the tone for the rest of the game and constrain future decisions.

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How important is memorizing chess openings in casual play?

I've played chess since I was kid and after much practice have become a decent player. I still though, have little strategy to my opening moves besides starting with a King's Pawn Game. I know ...
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How to reduce slow starts at the beginning of the game?

We recently played a game of Settlers of Catan where for the first 3 rounds none of us got any brick at all, so there was no road construction at all and it dragged a little. I'm not looking to reduce ...
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8 votes
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In Axis and Allies, Should the U.S. Build a "Factory" in Brazil?

In Axis and Allies (original version), the basically maritime powers, the US and UK have a problem coming to grips with the land-based Axis. One solution is for them to buy industrial complexes in ...
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What is a good opening in Blokus?

I have played Blokus enough times to get a feel for the game and one thing that always bugs me is how to play the first few moves. There seem to be a couple of competing aims: Get rid of big, ...
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Is castling still done in the openings in modern chess?

I have read in a somewhat old book that castling was to be done as soon as possible, but some of my playing friends don't bother to do it in the opening. What's the modern usage?
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In Chess what is the Queens or Kings Indian?

In Chess what is the Queens or Kings Indian, and why might it be useful?
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What is the name of the following chess opening? What are its pros and cons?

At some point, when I was young, I learned an opening that involves the following moves: possibly after moving queen's pawn to the centre (d4), move out king's knight to above the bishop (Nf3), move ...
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What is a good opening for Go on a 13x13 board?

I have been playing a lot of Go recently at lunch but we are playing on a 13x13 board instead of a 19x19. I can't seem to ever win! I am beginning to think that my opening is leaving me in a bad ...
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Axis & Allies - Opening strategies for the U.K.

I haven't played Axis & Allies in a while, and I'm currently getting my butt handed to me in an online match (partly due to a failed Kwabang attack). I've got what I feel is a solid grip on ...
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Advice for responding to "Kwabang" attack when playing Japan?

When playing Axis & Allies as Japan I occasionally have an opponent use the "Kwabang" opening against me, which is where UK attacks Kwangtung on her opening move with the two infantry and fighter ...
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In Axis and Allies, Should Germany build a first turn transport and try and control the Med/Africa?

When playing Germany in A&A 2nd Edition, is it a feasible strategy for Germany to buy a Italian transport on the first turn, for the purposes of cementing Germany's Mediterranean naval presence ...
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Where can I find an opening database of professional games for 9x9 Go?

I'm looking for an opening database (also called game explorer) for 9x9 Go, showing in every position the percentage of times each move is played and also possibly the percentage of times each move ...
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Can the U.S. Open With an Air-based Strategy in Allies and Axis?

In Axis and Allies, the U.S. starts with the largest number of IPCs, and also has the furthest to go to reach the main battlefields. These conditions both suggest the use of strategies using (...
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