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The opening refers to the beginning of a game, specifically the strategy and tactics involved in making the initial deployments and early moves that set the tone for the rest of the game and constrain future decisions.

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What different opening strategy exist when playing Quatro?

I enjoy very much playing Quatro, as I find that the small board, small set of pieces and symmetry. However, I am at loss in playing the beginning of the game anyway other than randomly. Because the ...
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2 answers

In Chess what is the Queens or Kings Indian?

In Chess what is the Queens or Kings Indian, and why might it be useful?
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Good opening questions for Adventurers in Are You the Traitor?

Many people complain, when they first try Are You the Traitor?, that they don't know where to start; a lot of people will just sit there and think about it, without saying anything, or will ...
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Advice for responding to "Kwabang" attack when playing Japan?

When playing Axis & Allies as Japan I occasionally have an opponent use the "Kwabang" opening against me, which is where UK attacks Kwangtung on her opening move with the two infantry and fighter ...
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Is castling still done in the openings in modern chess?

I have read in a somewhat old book that castling was to be done as soon as possible, but some of my playing friends don't bother to do it in the opening. What's the modern usage?
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