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Game for 2 players using a board comprising an 8x8 grid. Also known as Reversi. Players place counters alternately, creating a line of counters makes all counters in the line yours. The aim is to complete the game with more counters than your opponent.

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18 votes
3 answers

How to approach a game of Othello / Reversi?

I have played the game Othello (Reversi) numerous times but I never approach it with a specific logic or algorithm to apply on each move in my mind. I won many times and lost as much. How would one ...
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18 votes
6 answers

Is it possible for an Othello / Reversi game to end without the board being filled?

Is there any case where an Othello (reversi) game would need to no more moves allowed? This happen to one of the two players leading to the other to play again is a common thing. Has it ever happened ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Tactics for Othello [duplicate]

I understand that occupying the corners is desirable, as a counter placed there can never be flipped. Also, placing a counter on a square next to a corner seems to be bad as it usually hands the ...
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