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Pandemic is a cooperative game in which players work together to combat the spread of four deadly diseases before they overwhelm the planet. Each player brings a distinct skill to bear on the problem; only through careful teamwork can they ultimately save the Earth! 2-4 players, 45-60 minutes.

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How can I play Pandemic with 6 players?

I've recently bought Pandemic, and really liked the game. But since the basic game is only 2-4 players, I ordered the expansion "On the Brink", which brings it up to 5 players. Is there a rules ...
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Special event cards and timing

The Special Event cards all indicate they may be played "at any time". Are there any restrictions to "any time", i.e. in the middle of someone's turn? Suppose an epidemic card has been drawn -- can ...
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In Pandemic, when does the discard-over-7-cards rule take effect?

Scenario Pandemic's excess card rule states that if you have more than 7 cards in your hand at any time, you must discard the excess (according to your preference, of course). Let's say you're the ...
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What are good general strategies for Pandemic?

I've looked at a lot of forum posts on several sites on Pandemic and it seems that there is a decent amount of luck. You may win two 6-epidemic games in a row, then lose three 5-epidemic games. I have ...
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Is Pandemic harder with fewer players?

I've played a couple of Pandemic games with 2, 3 and 4 players. From my point of view, the game should be harder with only 2 players since it will be more difficult to get a medic and both players ...
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What are the differences between Pandemic and Pandemic 2013?

I have seen that there is a new edition of Pandemic for 2013. What are the differences between Pandemic and the "New Challenge" version? Can I convert my original edition to use any of the new rules?...
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22 votes
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Is this a win or loss?

Does a player need to complete a full turn (i.e. 4 actions, pickup, infect) if during the action portion the final disease was cured? I only ask because there was only 1 player card left in the deck ...
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Can you eradicate a disease without finding a Cure first?

If you eradicate a disease in Pandemic without finding a cure first (ie remove all of one colour from the board) does it remain eradicated or can it still come back unless it has also been cured? The ...
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Exchanging Cards in Pandemic

When exchanging cards between two players in Pandemic, does it matter which player's turn it is? I have seen this rule played two ways: - The active player can only give a card. OR - The active ...
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Why is Pandemic's Bio-terrorist Challenge not recommended with five players?

The rules say the bio-terrorist challenge is for three and four player games and is explicitly not recommended for five players. Why is that? If it's a difficulty issue, couldn't the number of ...
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Clarification of a Pandemic rule involving the Medic

The rules of the French edition of Pandemic are a little unclear about the following game situation. Once a cure for a disease (let's say blue) has been found, at any point the Medic is in an infected ...
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What are the chances of losing Pandemic on the first turn?

I like probability questions, and it has been a while since tttpp's excellent analysis of losing in the first turn of Forbidden Island. I figured it might be interesting to calculate how likely you ...
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Are the (player) cards in your hand supposed to be face up or not?

In playing Pandemic, I've always played where the cards in your hand are face up - i.e., visible to everyone. It is a cooperative game after all, and looking at another player's cards is easier than ...
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In Pandemic, do certain setup and card order combinations make it impossible to win?

My family has won most of the Pandemic (2 or 3 player games) we've played, but we ran into one recently that I thought impossible to win due to the 2 and 3 cube infections being far from Atlanta, far ...
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Does the Medic need to wait until their next turn to remove cubes when another player researches a cure?

Say Medic got to Paris with 3 blue cubes but didn't have enough action to remove cubes, and a next player cures blue. Do we get to remove those blue cubes from Paris right away or do we wait till ...
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How does the "Special Orders" special event card work?

The "Special Orders" card states: During this turn, the current player may move one other player's pawn (with permission) as if it were his own. I have read this and the rule book (which gives ...
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Bottom card drawn during epidemic: Are 3 cubes added to the city pictured, when the disease in that city's region has already been eradicated?

I suspect not, because the rule on Eradicating Disease states: From now on, cards of this color have no effect when drawn on the Infector's turn. Take all of the cubes of the eradicated color and ...
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3 answers

Who goes first in Pandemic?

I've recently bought Pandemic and I'm going to play it for the first time tomorrow. Having read the rules I wasn't quite sure how to interpret: The player who was most recently sick goes first. ...
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What are legal ways to use the Dispatcher's special ability in Pandemic?

I don't quite understand what the person playing the Dispatcher role is allowed and disallowed to do. If the Dispatcher wants to move i.e. the Medic's pawn, does he need the approval of the owner or ...
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Does the Medic remove all cubes of cured diseases from the cities he travels through?

Does the Medic remove all cubes of cured diseases from the cities he travels through? Let's say he: drives to one city (3 cured cubes) drives to another city (2 cured cubes) drives to another city (1 ...
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