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Questions tagged [party]

Social games -- that is. games commonly played at parties, or most playable at such.

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Is there a German version of the "game" Mad Libs?

I am looking for a German version of the game/activity Mad Libs. I played it in English before and it was always fun. But some of my friends do not speak English well enough to participate in the game....
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What is this deception-based party game?

At some point in time I found the rules for a many player party game online and now I'm looking for it again. It involved two teams of players where each player is assigned two English words. Players ...
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Does anyone know where i can find more information about It's Just a Theory?

I met a bloke at a pub and he asked if i would like to play test a game he was working on. I really enjoyed it, but forgot to get the details of where i could find more information about it. Can ...
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Strategies for Scattergories

I suck at Scattergories. I've played the game dozens of times, and as far as I can remember I have never gotten anything other than last place. Usually the gap between me and the next lowest score is ...
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Are home-made cardstock cards durable?

I'm planning to print out the localized version of Cards Against Humanity to play with some friends, and I'm researching the best cost-wise way to do it. The original PDF suggests using 80lb ...
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Does the team get points if the word is singular but they guess plural?

In Taboo, one player has a word that they are trying to get their teammates to say (e.g. "Apple") within a short amount of time. I have often found that teammates will guess the plural word when they ...
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How to encourage stealing of gifts in a white elephant gift exchange? [closed]

I am arranging a white elephant gift exchange game. In previous years, guests were too polite, refusing to steal gifts from others, so the game amounted to nothing more than people choosing a number ...
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Mafia-type game which a secret message is communicated

During a recent visit to Europe, I saw some students playing a game that looked something like Mafia that played roughly like this (linguistic difficulties prevented me from any further understanding):...
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Fixing the "Vs. Player" squares in Encore!

Few squares in Encore! are more dreaded by our play group than the "Vs. Player" squares — "Team vs. Player" and "Player Vs. Player." It's not just that they're harder; they're palpably less fun, and ...
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Is there a way to play the mafia party game online ?

Is there a way to play the mafia party game online ?
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Baby shower games [closed]

This question is more of a wiki about what games would be fun to play at a baby shower. My wife is throwing one and the games are fairly boring. I was hoping I could help think of at least one, ...
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Anyone know more 'social' games like 'Werewolves" [closed]

I am looking for examples of good social games, the kind that can be played at parties where rather than using stuff like dice most of the play is done through social interaction One example of the ...
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