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This tag refers to questions specifically about playing cards themselves, covering topics such as shuffling, construction, lamination, deck sizes etc. It *is not* a meta tag for adding to any card game question!

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What is a safe and accurate technique for shuffling cards?

Especially for games which involve frequent card shuffling by multiple players of decks of uneven sizes is there is a technique for shuffling which is quick and easy for everyone to learn yet also ...
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On-Demand Cards Deck printing service?

I'm designing a card-based rpg game and I'm looking for an equivalent to but for printing online cards on demand. The card would be either playing cards like Magic or similar, or ...
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Which program to chose when designing my own cards? [closed]

I am working on a prototype of a board game for which I need to design several cards. The cards will have several features like name, picture, text and some additional symbols. I am not sure which ...
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What is the best way to print cards for my game?

I want to print cards for my game, without using a commercially-available site. Basically, I'm looking for materials I could find in a store. How do I make these cards in a work- and price-efficient ...
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What does "poker size cards" mean?

I: I am not sure how many cards can best suit our manufacturing until I know the size of your cards. Customer: I expect the cards will be "poker" size. I: Poker also have different sizes, ...
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Can Konami accept a Yu-Gi-Oh card that I made? [closed]

I made a Yu-Gi-Oh card but it is not broken like current broken Yu-Gi-Oh cards and here it is to see but please before you make your decision about it take another look on ''dragun of red eyes''.
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What's the fastest way to print a card game prototype?

My goal is to minimize the amount of time I have to spend, with a budget of about $40. Also, I'm absolutely terrible at using scissors and glue.
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What is the optimal method to shuffle an organised deck of cards

In a number of games I play there are a play deck and a discard deck (for example Ticket to Ride and Pandemic). The discard deck, by the way the games are constructed, becomes organised as cards are ...
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What is the best way to shuffle a large deck without damaging the cards?

I'm quite familiar with a few methods of cards, primarily Riffling and Mongean* shuffling. The issue I have with those is that the Riffling shuffle tends to bend cards and wear them out, as well as ...
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