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This tag refers to questions specifically about playing cards themselves, covering topics such as shuffling, construction, lamination, deck sizes etc. It *is not* a meta tag for adding to any card game question!

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Card game similar to jokers and pegs

I recently read about a popular game that, similar to Jokers and Pegs, used cards to determine play. As I recall, it required multiple decks of cards - two more decks than the number of players, but I ...
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Are there quality custom boardgame card printers?

I'm designing a custom boardgame and am looking to get a few stacks of custom cards printed. I'm looking for a high quality card printing service but a little worried about simply using Google to ...
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What is this 2 pack patience game?

Can anyone tell me what the name of this 2 pack solitaire game is called? I have played it since I was a child but would like to discover the full rules. It is much like standard one pack solitaire ...
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What is the maximum number of columns and rows of cards a 2-player physical TCG layout could reasonably have?

Some TCGs have layouts of pre-defined slots in which cards are placed during gameplay. Others do not (but may or may not have limits on the number of cards which may be in play simultaneously). This ...
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