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Pokémon Trading Card Game is a two-player trading card game based on the popular franchise. Players select Pokémon, who have various types and abilities, and try to defeat the opponent's Pokémon. Trainer cards provide various supporting and disrupting effects. Energy cards are this game's resource system and are needed to use a Pokémon's attacks. Cards in play are always face-up.

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Pokemon cards with the same name and different features

I have noticed that some Pokémon have the same name but different features (be it hit points, attacks or abilities). How does this work? I am accustomed to card games where the same card, even with ...
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What is a good Pokemon deck ratio?

My son really likes Pokémon, and owns a lot of cards. He mostly plays the video games and reads the books, but wants to build a Pokemon deck to play as well. We understand the basic rules. I know ...
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Can Alolan Pokémon evolve to non-Alolan or vice versa?

If I have a regular Ninetales in my hand and an Alolan Vulpix on my bench, can I evolve the Alolan Vulpix into the regular Ninetales?
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Why are the old Pokémon TCG sets not allowed in modern tournaments?

I've heard that the Pokémon TCG cards from the old sets, like base, jungle, fossile etc, aren't allowed in tournaments anymore. Why are they forbidden? The old cards seem to be consistently weaker, so ...
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Should A Big Parasol on a Decidueye Protect me from Dragapult VMAX Shred

Can anyone help clear up an discussion I'm having with my son as to whether a big parasol stops a dragapult's shred getting through Deep Forest Camo. The Text on Decidueye's Deep Forest Camo ability ...
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Pokemon TCG Starting Decks

My son and I are new to Pokemon TCG. We purchased the Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy and have been enjoying it. It came with three complete decks: electric, fire, and psychic. Each one came ...
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