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Pokémon Trading Card Game is a two-player trading card game based on the popular franchise. Players select Pokémon, who have various types and abilities, and try to defeat the opponent's Pokémon. Trainer cards provide various supporting and disrupting effects. Energy cards are this game's resource system and are needed to use a Pokémon's attacks. Cards in play are always face-up.

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What are some house rules to improve Pokémon Master Trainer? [closed]

This past week's game of the week was the '99 (first) version of the Pokémon Master Trainer board game. It was not the strategic challenge that I am used to, does anyone have any knowledge of ...
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How do I build a Pokémon TCG deck? [closed]

It's a bit hard to build a deck. There's so many cards I can barely think of an idea, or how I'm supposed to build one! Could anyone lend me a hand on this?
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What is the maximum allowed number of repeats in a Pokémon deck?

I've realised that, when playing Pokémon, the trick to winning is to evolve your Pokémon. This takes a bit of luck, in that you have to have the first level Pokemon on the table, then you have to ...
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Is there a complete database of Pokémon data?

I'm looking for a database (in whatever format) that contains all official Pokémon data (~PokéDex). A good example is the data has, but the owner of the site doesn't seem to be eager to ...
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Why are the old Pokémon TCG sets not allowed in modern tournaments?

I've heard that the Pokémon TCG cards from the old sets, like base, jungle, fossile etc, aren't allowed in tournaments anymore. Why are they forbidden? The old cards seem to be consistently weaker, so ...
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What is a good Pokemon deck ratio?

My son really likes Pokémon, and owns a lot of cards. He mostly plays the video games and reads the books, but wants to build a Pokemon deck to play as well. We understand the basic rules. I know ...
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