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A popular poker game in which each player has 2 cards of their own that they must combine with 5 communal cards to make the best hand possible. While most poker questions are on-topic here, there's a dedicated Poker Stack Exchange as well.

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In Texas Hold'em, how does the floor penalize a player who has received more chips than he should have (as through an add-on)?

I was running a poker tournament this evening. The type of tourney is freezeout with up to a $25 dollar add-on worth 5500 in chips. I seated him, gave him the starting stack plus the add-on, and told ...
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Two players tied for second place in a timed tourney, who goes heads up?

I have a question... We play in a regular Texas hold ‘em tourney, each round is timed throughout the evening, after the last round the two chip leaders go heads up for the win..fairly standard stuff. ...
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