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For questions about prices of games, or, especially in the case of collectible card games, individual parts of it. Please avoid primarily opinion based questions like 'How much would you pay for a second-hand set of <insert game here>?"

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Do the prices of cards drop when they leave Standard?

I'm looking to build a Commander deck with a number of cards from Kaladesh through Hour of Devastation, which are still Standard legal as of this writing but will drop out soon. I would expect that ...
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Dragon Ball Z TCCG (old style before GT came out) collectors sales costs

I have have a collections of many dragon ball z tccg cards since they started to come out. I have them in a collection as well as personally played with ones (collection ones aren't played with). I ...
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Can't find the specific price for MTG japanese cards

Hello so I have a few Japanese MTG cards from the year 2000. Among them is a Mountain #344 (from Invasion) illustrated by Jeff Miracola in foil. The English version's value is 1.49$ and I've read that ...
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Is there value to my misprinted Magic card?

I have a magic card with a unique misprint. The Red Mana symbol in the card text is in grey-scale print, but the rest of the card is in full, correct color, including the Red Mana symbol in the card's ...
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What's the most valuable Avalon Hill wargame?

From a collector's point of view, what is the most valuable wargame published by Avalon Hill? I'm not interested so much in prices as in knowing if there's a "Holy Grail" in Avalon Hill's wargames ...
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Where can I find the value of cards from the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game?

I've got a bunch of old Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards from 2000-2004 that I'm trying to find values of, but I can't seem to find anywhere that gives me prices for any of these old cards. Is there ...
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What the value of a misprinted Graverobber Spider?

Could anyone give me an idea on on how much a misprint Magic card could sell for? It's a Graverobber Spider, rarity is uncommon.
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1993 collectors edition sealed box [closed]

My husband found 2 of the 1993 collectors edition boxes (still sealed, but small rips at the seems on the top). I was hoping you could tell me how much they are worth and where the best places to go ...
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What are the most expensive cards in Magic: The Gathering?

I've heard of the Black Lotus and Dual Lands. Are there any other really expensive cards in Magic: The Gathering?
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Where can I find price-lists for Star Trek CCG cards?

I have some Star Trek CCG cards from the Decipher game in the 1990s. I'm looking to discover if any of these cards have economic value. I've tried looking at and, but ...
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How does the cost of designer board games compare to other forms of entertainment? [closed]

Some people complain about the cost of designer board games. With most board games near the $50 mark, and some approaching $100, they might look at the price of a movie ticket, DVD, or video game and ...
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How do I find out a fair price for my Magic the Gathering cards?

Back in the day, I would check Scrye magazine to figure out how much my Magic cards should sell for, but they folded two years ago. Where's a good place to price my collection these days?
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