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Psychology (in the BCG sense) refers to how players feel about a game as the game is played.

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How can a TCG player overcome "short term memory overload"?

Many complex decisions in trading cards games seem amenable to a three stage model. The player must see as many potential lines of play as they can. For each potential line of play they see, the ...
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Is it correct to infer a second, third etc place in board games with a score?

This may stray a bit into philosophy, but I believe it has some real-world impacts. Many games rank players during the game, and some leave players in some sort of order at the end (ie. a 'score'). ...
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Ways different people enjoy board games

I once saw a very nice write-up of the ways in which people enjoy board games. It was somewhat similar to this answer but more comprehensive, focused on different ways of enjoyment rather than ...
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How do I tell potential game designers their ideas are bad?

Many groups of gamers will eventually attract potential game designers. I love testing games or playing with mechanics and enjoy play testing or theory crafting. But a good boardgamer does not a ...
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Simple games that involve psychological factors? [closed]

I need to find a simple game in which several people need to interact with each other. The game should be simple for an analysis (it should be simple to describe what happens in the game, what players ...
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Evaluating an opponent in a game you're familiar with?

I love playing some of the old Avalon Hill games like PanzerBlitz and Midway (1964 edition) (I have the 1991 edition as well, but haven't played it much). In PanzerBlitz, there are generally two ...
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Why is real-money-betting necessary for poker to be fun?

Obviously, all games may be played with an ante, but it is often not mandatory for the game itself to be fun. I've long wondered what makes poker so different from everything else: poker, when played ...
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Rewards and punishments for card games

With playing a long board game you have the satisfaction of the endurance and outsmarting your opponents. It's a struggle and winning is the glory. When you play something like poker or Uno you are ...
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When is it a good time to offer a draw in chess, and when should I accept one?

Professional players often offer draws in chess and accept them. While draws can be very common in professional play, they appear to be very rare in casual play. Naturally, if you're winning, ...
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Categories of Board Gaming skill [closed]

How would you categorize gaming skill, based on your own talents, or those of people you know? And what makes certain people good at those categories? For one example, I've noticed I tend to win ...
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