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Puerto Rico - Custom gameplay tweaks to introduce player interactions

We have been playing Puerto Rico for on a regular basis. It's an excellent game, and one of the few well balanced games in buildup genre as: There is almost no luck factor involved. All of the ...
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Countering Villa + Jeweler in Puerto Rico: The Nobles

A while ago I played a game of Puerto Rico with all of the buildings from Expansion II: The Nobles. One of the players pretty much had a run-away game using Villa + Jeweler, and we were pretty much ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Royal Supplier in Puerto Rico Expansion II -- is it all or nothing?

The rules for the Royal Supplier state: The owner of an occupied Royal Supplier can supply the Royal Warehouse (the supply) with a number of goods from his windrose equal to the number of nobles on ...
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Clarification on the Royal Garden from Puerto Rico expansion 2

The Royal Garden states: At game end, the owner of the occupied royal garden takes 1 VP for each noble on his island. As each noble is normally worth 1 VP (whether on a building, plantation or in ...
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