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How does DeGray's Pilebunker chip work when trashing Gems of size 2+? [closed]

In Puzzle Strike, the "Pilebunker" chip says: Opponents reveal their hands, trash their largest [Gem chip], then you gain that many [1 Gems chip]s. How does this work when trashing 2-Gem, 3-Gem, ...
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Sudden Death Mode

When playing Puzzle Strike online, my friends and I encountered a sort of "Sudden Death" mode that activated after many turns of a particularly slow game, resulting in 2-Gems being anted each turn ...
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5 votes
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First-player advantage in Puzzle Strike?

Does Puzzle Strike favor the player who goes first? Puzzle Strike takes a lot of cues from Dominion, and Dominion is well-known for having a distinct advantage for the first player, as discussed in ...
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