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Questions tagged [puzzles]

Questions that present some scenario, and asks you to provide a solution that satisfies some requirement (example "Win within X turns", or "9 Queens without check/checkmate", or "MTG, deal X damage this turn")

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4 votes
0 answers

Richard Pavliceks mystery

Richard Pavlicek made a great bridge site. Here The mystery is this: Is there a bridge hand where North/South can make a grandslam in any suit, but not even ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Is there an error in equilibrio puzzle #45?

Is there an error in puzzle #45 of the game equilibrio? seems like the middle brick on the third line is turned incorrectly. thanks
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3 votes
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Freecell puzzle unsolvable?

I think this freecell puzzle (739671 on Odesys) has no solution but not 100% sure. Using this solver could not solve it. Is there a better solver, or does this really have no solution? This is the ...
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How to understand the given Preferans puzzle solution?

There is a Preferans problem: South chose crosses as the trump. How many tricks will get South? Part of the solution the author of problem proposes and that I can't understand is: Please help me to ...
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