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Quarriors is a like a deck-building game, but with dice: you draw 6 dice from your dice bag and roll them each round, and buy additional dice or take other actions depending on the results of your dice.

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Quarriors' Deathdealer and expert culling

When we started using the expert culling rule in Quarriors, we found a confusing interaction with the Deathdealer. It's special ability is: When Deathdealer scores, you may trade Deathdealer for one ...
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Can Quarriors' Ghostly Spirit be destroyed more than once?

The Ghostly Spirit's special ability is: When Ghostly Spirit is destroyed, you may cull 1 Basic Quiddity Die to return Ghostly Spirit to your Ready Area (for free). For example, let's say that I've ...
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Does Portal count as a Spell Die?

The Assistant is a Basic Card, but it explicitly counts as a Creature Die at the same time. The Portal card belongs to the Basic Cards as well, but its faces are akin to those of spells: there are no ...
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Are spells mostly a dubious strategy in Quarriors?

Granted we only have the basic set, it seems every time we play the games don't last long enough for spells to be useful. I can see how it would be a good idea to ramp resources, provide yourself with ...
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How much strategic depth is there in Quarriors?

I've played Quarriors a few times and I love Dominion. The one game of Quarriors that I won, I just happened to roll my monsters attack side up many times in a row, I didn't make any coherent plans ...
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Does the Quarriors "Shaping Charm" allow me to rotate creatures to same level but with a burst (*)?

The Shaping Charm rules state: Cast this Spell to rotate all Creatures in your Ready Area up 1 Level, if possible. Although the "level" of the creature is the number in the upper left hand corner, ...
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In Quarriors, can the Portal Dice be used multiple times?

Say I've culled most of my dice. I have 3 portals, 3 basic quiddity dice and 1 assistant. I draw all but 2 portals from my bag, and the one portal die I do draw I roll a "2 portal". I draw two portals ...
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