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Is there a way to rate Pokemon decks so that players can be evenly matched?

I took the kids to a local game store for a casual pokemon tournament. I was disappointed to see the vastly superior decks the other players had built. Every pokemon in their decks was V, Vmax, V-Star,...
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Where can I see statistics of Go points for different skill levels?

I'm a total Go novice, and barely even understand the rules. From what I understand, at the end of the game each player has an amount of "points" which is equal to the amount of stones they ...
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Skill rating with varying amount of coins per game

I have implemented ELO rating for matchmaking, similar to the implementation of BoardGameArena. This works great, matching players with about the same rating. However the system is vulnerable to ...
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Which Ranking system is best for my group that play Hearts?

I have put together an advanced Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep score. I currently track a year to date average which is a raw average. A yearly average that has a minimum of 12 games played to ...
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