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What cooperative board games are there that I could safely play with my wife? [closed]

My wife loves board games, but dislikes very competitive games, and is completely uninterested in aggressive "beat up the other guy" games. We recently discovered Pandemic, where each player works ...
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41 votes
28 answers

Board games for two players [closed]

My wife and I enjoy playing board games (having gotten hooked on Settlers of Catan and expanded from there) but we don't often have the opportunity to play with other people. The question What ...
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39 votes
24 answers

Games that are quick to teach to new people, yet still fun and strategical [closed]

I love board games and don't mind sitting down for 10-15 minutes with some experienced players to learn how to play a complex game. However, I don't think most of my friends are as tolerable of ...
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37 votes
23 answers

Good board games for single player [closed]

I love playing board games but often there's not many people around that share my passion. For that reason I'm looking for board games that can be played with just one player. I've discovered Arkham ...
48 votes
41 answers

Games that have no element of luck. [closed]

Most of my favourite games, such as Diplomacy, have little or no element of luck - either via dice rolls, hands dealt, or other methods. What other games can you recommend that rely on 'skill' alone? ...
27 votes
23 answers

Recommendations for 6-player board game [closed]

What's a good game for six players? Many games can be played by 6 players, but suffer from a loss of pace, and long waits between turns. What games have parallel planning phases, or lots of ...
18 votes
28 answers

What are good games to play during a one-hour lunch break? [closed]

On any given day we can have any number of players, up to ten, so that's not a limitation. Keep in mind that setup, play and packing up needs to be done in the hour. My coworkers are all experienced ...
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7 answers

What is the Best Random Card Setup Tool? [closed]

In this question I received two different recommendations for iPhone specific apps to assist with Dominion setups. My group uses a third (non iPhone specific). Which is the best, and why? Please, ...
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29 votes
30 answers

Interesting boardgames to play with children [closed]

I have two children aged 8 and 6 and they like to play board games. Some of the ones they have are for very young children and boring for an adult to play. Are there any suggestions for games that ...
27 votes
8 answers

Diplomacy "lite"? [closed]

I love Diplomacy. The alliances, intrigue, negotiation, backstabbing, and the relatively simple mechanics that help emphasize the diplomatic aspect over the game mechanics. However, it can be hard to ...
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22 votes
10 answers

Games with features like Battlestar Galactica's "Traitor" Mechanic? [closed]

My local gaming group has been playing the heck out of Battlestar Galactica for some time now. Are there any other board games that can be recommended that have a similar theme, or similar mechanics? ...
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19 votes
27 answers

Games that play well with a wide range of different numbers of players [closed]

Many times, I have limited space to pack games, and don't know how many players there are going to be. I frequently end up in a situation in which we have 5 players, but games that only work with 3 or ...
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15 votes
9 answers

Best Light Strategy Party Games? [closed]

I'm wondering, what are some good games for mixed gamer/non-gamer parties? I've had good luck with some light strategy games in the past, but nothing too serious. What's good, quick, and can easily ...
10 votes
6 answers

Games to learn a foreign language or to enrich your vocabulary in your native language? [closed]

I like Scrabble for learning a foreign language or enriching my vocabulary in my native language. What other games also help you do that? Please submit one game per answer only - that works best with ...
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Getting started with trick-taking games (whist, euchre, bridge, pinochle, etc.) [closed]

I've heard there are a lot of different trick-taking games out there, such as whist, bridge, euchre, pinochle, oh hell, hearts etc. I've heard a lot of good things about these games, but have very ...
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