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A classic war-game in which players try to conquer the world through military might. Players get reinforcement bonuses for conquering entire continents. Combat is ruled mostly by dice.

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What are some good tactics for the early game in Risk? [closed]

In general what do you recommend at the beginning of the game?
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Is prompting players with alternate moves poor etiquette?

Recently we have had a number of 'explosive' games of Catan and Risk, where the game has become very heated because use of 'prompting' or 'suggesting' of moves to other players. I see this as a valid ...
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Bonus continent troops in Risk

So I have taken over all of Australia and I get 2 extra troops. My friend then attacks Indonesia from Southeast Asia. When it's my turn I retake control of Indonesia. Now, do I get 2 more bonus ...
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How would you "study" Risk?

This question is not about a particular situation in the game, but rather how to study the game in the sense of if I wanted to learn Scrabble, I would spend time focusing on how certain uncommon ...
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Turning in cards when you have five or six cards

In regards to turning in Risk cards, the rule book says if you have five or six cards you must turn in at least one set. My question is why do they give you the option of five or six? If you have ...
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