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Players race to get rid of all their cards by 'melding' groups that are all of the same rank, or of consecutive ranks in the same suit.

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What is the purpose of minimum points required for initial meld?

In Canasta and several variants of Contract-Rummy, like Rummikub and Kaluki, there is an "initial meld" rule: The first melds put down by a player must consist of cards to a total value of ...
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Name this variant of Rummy with mystery cards

Any idea what it is variant of Rummy? 2 decks 10 cards dealt per player Mystery card can help to complete a set Meld all 10 of your cards. Example would be 8c,9c,Jc and the mystery card being 10 of ...
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Michigan Rummy? Incorrect Name?

I remember a rummy variant that I played as a child. I was taught it by older family members, who are all long dead. They called it "Michigan Rummy" but it was quite different from the game ...
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Do you know the name of this Rummy variant?

[ Context: My Lebanese grandma taught me this card game from her grandparents. We call it "Pinaq" I don't know how to spell it in english but it's pronounced "pee-nak". I thought ...
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Probability of being dealt a 7-card flush in Rummy

Playing 7-card rummy with 4 players, I was dealt a 7 card Spade flush (not straight) and on the first card picked from the deck pulled an 8th card spade and immediately won (it was 23456 8910). What ...
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What is the name of this Rummy variant?

It's called Devil's Delight by the people I know but I can't find any google results for it. Does any one know what people call this? The game is played with two decks and everyone gets seven cards ...
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When is three of a kind a valid set in Indian Rummy?

Is the following a valid set in Indian-Rummy when we're using three decks of cards? What about when we use two decks? 6♠️ - 6♠️ - joker
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What is the best strategy for when to meld in (standard) Rummy? [closed]

In standard/basic/straight Rummy (no optional rules), How long should you wait to meld?
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Informal history of Crazy Rummy and/or Frustration?

It's my understanding that Gin Rummy was 'codified' in 1909 and that Rummy games in general are thought to be 'descended' from Conquian. And I realize that minor variants tend to be more of a 'house ...
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What version of rummy is this?

I was taught this as a young child by my grandmother. It's how my family plays what we call rummy, but I cannot find anything like it online: Two plus players (we've played up to 4), all dealt 7 ...
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Can't remember the name of this card game [closed]

There was a game we played a few years ago... a friend taught us but can't remember how to play! I remember we named it "Slummy" because it was a cross between rummy and solitaire (and we didn't know ...
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Identify card game similar to Kalookie

Several years ago I was taught a card game that was called "Oh Sh*t." Recently I looked it up online and found another card game with the same name, but completely different rules, so I'm hoping ...
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Children's version of Rummy?

Rummy is one of my favourite card games - we used to play it endlessly when I was at uni using various different rulesets. So I'm now trying to teach my children the basics of Rummy, as they love ...
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What are the chances of going out on the first hand in Rummy?

What are the chances of any particular player being able to go out in the first round of rummy? For two players the hand size is 7. For all other numbers the hand size is 5. Going out requires a ...
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What are the standard rules of etiquette for Rummy?

Most card games have a fairly common etiquette. One rule for Rummy I know of is that you should announce any intention to adjust the visible cards before touching them, to indicate you are not taking ...
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