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Saint Petersburg is a board game for 2-4 players, designed by Bernd Brunnhofer. Players need to collect cards: first Craftsmen who supply money for further purchases; then Buildings to score points; then Aristocrats, who are needed for money, points and end-of-game scoring.

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4 votes
1 answer

Saint Petersburg: What happens when you upgrade a full warehouse?

In Saint Petersburg, if you own a warehouse you can hold an extra card in hand. What happens if you have four cards in hand and then upgrade the warehouse? Do you keep the fourth card, but can't ...
3 votes
1 answer

Would this potential Saint Petersburg house rule work? [closed]

A friend mentioned a possible easy tweak of the Saint Petersburg rules: just pay out the buildings once again at the end of the game (perhaps disallowing observatory/debtor's prison except for taking ...
3 votes
1 answer

Is there a Saint Petersburg strategy that doesn't involve buying Aristocrats?

Is there a viable strategy in Saint Petersburg that involves focusing on buildings (blue cards) while buying at most, say, one or two aristocrats (orange cards)? Please clarify whether your analysis ...