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In Scotland Yard, Mr. X moves around the map of London taking taxis, buses or subways. The other players act as detectives, attempting to move to Mr. X's location. The detectives rarely know the exact location, instead relying on information about Mr. X's mode of travel to discern his whereabouts.

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What happens to a detective in Scotland Yard who cannot move any further?

A detective might be stuck in a position which he cannot leave since he doesn't have an appropriate transportation ticket. What happens to this detective? Is he removed from the board? OR Does he ...
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Why is there no position 108 on the Ravensburger multilangual edition

I recently bought Scotland Yard at a thrift store. And when examining the map, I found, position 108 is missing. There was a discussion on boardgamegeek about this but it has no real answer, just ...
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Does Mr. X reveal his location on every turn of the travel log that is circled?

When playing the board game Scotland Yard, does Mr. X reveal his location on every turn of the travel log that is circled? Or does he hide his location on every circled turn of the travel log and ...
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Can Mr. X move into or through a detective occupied field?

As I read through the game and did enjoyed a few rounds one question appeared a few times. When a detective moves into Mr. X's field the game ends with Mr. X getting captured. BUT can Mr. X can move ...
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What is the Goods Station referred to in Scotland Yard

I'm playing the 1996 version of Scotland Yard. By 174 on the map is Goods Station. I can't find any reference to this in historical London geography. Was this a real place? If not, what does it ...
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