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Sealed deck is a tournament style where players buy six booster packs, and assemble a deck from them. New players have the same chance to get cards as anyone else, so this levels the playing field a bit.

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Karn, the Great Creator - what defines a 'card from outside the game' in sealed?

In the upcoming set 'War of the Spark' there is the Planeswalker Karn, the Great Creator. His -2 ability reads as: -2: You may choose an artifact card you own from outside the game or in exile, ...
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How has the rise of limited formats affected MTG set design?

One of the great thing about playing limited is that you have to work with what you've got, no matter how bad it is. This means that even some of the worst cards will occasionally see limited play ...
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Relative amounts of luck in MTG limited formats?

While I haven't played very much, I've noticed there seems to be slightly more luck in sealed than in draft. In draft, skill can prevail by recognizing bombs/archetypes, observing what colors are ...
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MtG: making makeshift cards for home play

A friend and I got into Magic and get together to play a few games once a week. Each of us has ~110 cards, the bulk of them being a Magic 2012 intro pack, the rest boosters. We thought we'd mix ...
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What are good strategies for sealed deck?

In the same vein as my Drafting Strategies question, what strategies exist for a good sealed deck? I want to know about general strategies regardless of the card pool being played.
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What Is The Optimal Innistrad Sealed Deck From This Card Pool? [closed]

This weekend I participated in a very casual Innistrad Sealed Deck event with four of my friends. Opening my packs I discovered the following pool: White Selfless Cathar Avacynian Priest Elder ...
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