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A card and dice game where sorcerers compete in the tournament of the 12 seasons.

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5 votes
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Die of Malice: use freely every turn?

We played Seasons for the first time and a player got the Die of Malice: instead of performing the action(s) of your season die, reroll it; perform the new action(s) of the die roll and gain 2 ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Can you transmute before taking energy tokens?

Let's say I have 7 energy tokens, and choose a die face that includes both transmutation and energy tokens. If I tried to take energy tokens, I would lose any extra energy, because I can't hold more ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is Mesodae's Lantern effect recurring?

Mesodae's Lantern states Your energy reserve is decreased by 1. At the end of the round, receive 3 crystals. My question is, do you receive 3 crystals one time immediately after playing it, or ...
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Can you peek at your cards from future years in Seasons?

In Seasons, after you have selected cards for all 3 years, can you take a look at cards from future years to plan which energy to take?
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