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Dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1933 Germany. 5-10 players try to find Hitler in this Werewolf/Mafia inspired game.

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If 5'th fascist rule enacted with frustrated populace, VETO POWER is granted or not?

pdf rules says: "Immediately reveal the Policy on top of the Policy deck and enact it. Any power granted by this Policy is ignored, but the Election Tracker resets, and existing term-limits are ...
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If the president in Secret Hitler believes the law passed to have been a force will the call of cards matter?

I play Secret Hilter a decent bit. Assume all players play the game perfectly. When a law has been passed it is META for the President and Chancellor to "call" how many fascist cards they ...
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13 votes
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Secret Hitler: is asking another player to choose which card to discard "cheating?"

To signal one's allegiance to the Liberals as President, one could say to another player, "all my cards are Fascist and it matters not which one I discard! Tell me which card of the 3 to discard!" ...
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What happens when nobody is eligible for Chancellor in Secret Hitler?

This happened to one of our games. It was a five player game and two players got killed. Now there's only three left and for the next administration, only the President hasn't been elected yet. The ...
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In Secret Hitler, what happens when exactly 50% of players vote "Ja!"

In a game of Secret Hitler with an even number of players, what is the result of the election if exactly 50% of the players vote "Ja!"? Does the government get to pass a policy, or does it count as a ...
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