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In go, "seki" describes a position where neither player wants to play on certain points, because that would let the other player capture some of their stones. This usually results in two groups of stones being alive because neither one can be killed. Scoring can depend on the rules in use. Use this tag on questions about how to understand seki, interesting positions that are seki, but not usually to problems where seki is just one possibility.

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Why are the white stones in the bottom left of this game counted as points for black?

I played the following game: In the final position, it seems to me that the stones in the bottom left are in seki, but the score estimator says that the white ...
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3 votes
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How would this seki be scored at the end of the game?

I'm a Go beginner with a VERY little bit of experience (three or four actual games under my belt), and I'm looking through the life and death problems at Sensei's Library trying to get a better ...
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How to evaluate this board situation under Japanese or European rules

In a game, the following board position remained after both parties passed: $$ ----------- $$ .XO.X.X.OX. $$ .XO.....OX. $$ .XOOOOOOOX. $$ .XXXXXXXXX. $$ ........... In the post game analysis it ...
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4 votes
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Counting a surrounded non-alive carpenter's square

I was playing against Crazy Stone and we ended up with (essentially) this corner situation: $$W $$ ------------- $$ | . . 5 X O . $$ | 4 1 3 X O . $$ | . 2 , X O . $$ | X X X X O . $$ | O O O O O . $$...
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End game deciding on dead stones

In a game of Go, we were in a strange position. If my opponent moved at one point to put my pieces in atari, his pieces would get taken. If I moved at that same point my pieces would’ve been taken. ...
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Tsumego elementary problem 633 - seki?

I'am trying to solve problem 633 of the elementary set (black's move): It seems to me that after black takes the outside liberty, it's a seki. Or is there a better solution?
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