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Does the Machine Gun also affect the player using it?

The description of the Machine Gun card says: "Your attack will affect all characters in your attack range." Does this mean that the player himself gets damaged as well? That wouldn't make much sense ...
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Does Unknown's special ability still work after revealing?

Unknown's special ability is Deceit: When given a Hermit Card, you may lie about your identity to trigger the card or to say "nothing happens". You do not have to reveal your identity to use this ...
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Bob win conditions with Machine Gun

So if bob uses his ability of hitting 2 damage with machine gun equipped, would it be counted as his win if he rolled a 2 damage to 2 people holding equipment with 3 on his own and dying from the ...
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What happens if the last Shadow and Hunter die at the same time?

What happens win condition wise if the last shadow and hunter where to die at the same time? This could happen if a dynamite was to go off and kill them both or a neutral had the machine gun and did ...
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Shadow Hunters: Holy Robe versus black card weapon

The text of a black card weapon is like that: If your attack is successful, you give 1 extra point of damage. And the Holy Robe is: Your attacks do 1 less damage and the amount of damage you ...
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I killed myself, did I win?

I played an odd game of Shadow Hunters the other day. There were five players: two Shadows, two Hunters and one Neutral. I was dealt the Neutral, Charles. For the unaware, his win condition states: ...
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In Shadow Hunters, can Bob’s special ability be triggered before damage is reduced?

If Bob attacks a character equipped with the Holy Robe and rolls a 2 for damage, can Bob's special ability be immediately triggered? Or, does the Holy Robe reduce the damage Bob would inflict before ...
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In Shadow Hunters, can only Hunters benefit from the Spear of Longinus?

Spear of Longinus text: If you're a Hunter and your attack is successful, you may reveal your identity. If you do, or if you are already revealed, you give 2 points of extra damage. If a revealed, ...
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