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Collectible card game based on the Star Trek franchise originally published in 1994 by Decipher, Inc. A second (only partially compatible) edition was published in 2002.

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Does "Ingenious Jury-Rig" block cards from returning to their owners pile

When Ingenious Jury-Rig is revealed from the Dilemma Stack and placed into my core, does it then stop the effect of returning dilemmas (example Authenticate Artifacts )? Or does it only prevent ...
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Can an about-to-be-killed medical be stopped for Emergency Treatment of another personnel

I play an Ardent Predator and my opponent fails to meet the criteria so two personnel are selected to be killed. (Example: A E.M.H. Program and a Picard) None of the non-selected personnel has ...
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Are two teams that attempt a planet mission present with each other

I have two teams that attempt a planet mission one after the other. The first team has a Emergency Transport Unit. Now the second team encounters a dilemma that would kill one of the personnel. ...
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How does Accelerated Aging effect Lenara Kahn with an Engineering Pad

My opponent has a Lenara Kahn (whose first listed skill is Astrometrics) in her team, together with an Engineering Pad (which gives all Engineers, like Lenara, Astrometrics). On a mission attempt I ...
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Where can i sell my CCG cards? [duplicate]

i have a lot of star trek 1E through to voyager, Vampire the masquerade, Shadowfist, jedi knights, rage, Battletech, alien vs predator CCG cards i'm trying to sell but have no idea where to sell them, ...
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Where can I find price-lists for Star Trek CCG cards?

I have some Star Trek CCG cards from the Decipher game in the 1990s. I'm looking to discover if any of these cards have economic value. I've tried looking at and, but ...
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How do you tell the difference between Alpha and Beta Star Trek CCG?

The 1994 Decipher Star Trek CCG Premier/1st Edition cards were released in black border limited and in white border which I've only recently found described as both alpha and beta releases. I'm ...
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