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Steam is a rails game where players lay track on a hexagonal board, and run trains to deliver colored goods to cities with matching color. Points are scored depending on the length of the delivery, so convoluted routes will pay better (and require better trains) than straightforward routes.

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Good Introductory Strategies for Steam

I was lucky enough to play my first Martin Wallace game last night - a 5 player game of Steam. Unfortunately I was tired and couldn't really grasp the intricacies of the game from a quick runthrough ...
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Would Steam/Age of Steam benefit from a non-constrained set of tiles

Steam and Age of Steam provide a finite set of tiles, and the rules explicitly mention that if a certain type of tile runs out then it is effectively unavailable anymore -- unless a tile comes back ...
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Differences between Steam and Age of Steam?

What are the key differences between the Steam and Age of Steam games?
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