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Stone Age (2-4 players, 60 minutes) is a worker-placement game where players compete to earn the most points by hunting, gathering, making tools, reproducing, gathering resources, trading, and building huts.

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3 answers

Why are there so many 10-value food tokens?

The base game of Stone Age includes nine 10-value food tokens and twenty (?) 5-value food tokens. Players start the game with 12 food, and will typically use 5 food after the first turn. I normally ...
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Civilization cards with toolmakers

If, for any reason, the card remains unused till the end of the game, when scoring the toolmakers, do we take into account the value of "one-time" tools or just the permanent value of tools on our ...
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Stone age expansion How trading works question

Just played our first game of Stone Age with the expansion and we have a question. All the examples show a single use of the trading ability. Does that mean that you are limited to a single trade ...
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Stone Age Food Strategy

What is the best way to feed your people, and why do you consider it such? I constantly go back and forth between A) placing a person in the Field to move my food marker up B) trying to grab up all ...
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5 votes
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Are the boats you build in Stone Age visible to other players?

In Stone Age, when you build a boat you receive a Civilization card. This card gives you an immediate bonus, as well as some form of additional points to be calculated at the end of the game. I've ...
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Is 5 a maximum number of buildings in Stone Age?

On the player board there are 3 spaces for tools. Player can't have more than 3 tools at the same time (permanent tools). There are 5 spaces for buildings. Therefore, I assumed 5 is a limit of huts a ...
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Maxxing out the trader track in Stone Age: Style is the Goal

While playing a game of Stone Age with the Style is the Goal expansion, we had a player achieve ten traders on the trader track. Later in the game, she purchased a card which gave a +1 on the trader ...
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3 answers

In Stone Age, can I use the resources gained on a turn to pay for the cards?

In the current round, I have no resources but have placed 1 meeple on a card and the rest on wood. I roll the die and get a few wood resources which can cover the cost of the card. Am I allowed to use ...
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Clarification about Tools in Stone Age

I just got Stone Age as a gift and I've played it one time so far. But I have a question about how the tools work. They way we played from how I understood the rules: A player places two people ...
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Removing the Luck from Stone Age

Stone Age is one of my personal favourite games. The game dynamics are excellent and requires plenty of skill and strategy to win, with the only exception of the dice roll when determining resource. ...
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