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Stratego is a 2 player board game with 40 pieces per side on a 10×10 square board. The objective of the game is to either find and capture the opponent's Flag or to capture so many of the opponent's pieces that he/she cannot make any further moves. There are also variants with 20 and 10 pieces with the same overall rules but designed for faster play.

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11 votes
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Is it possible to have a Draw in Stratego?

If both flags are blocked by bombs, and there are no miners left, The rules state that if you have no movable pieces left you lose the game. What if each player has one moveable piece left, and the ...
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1 answer

In Stratego, what happens if in the setup a player puts all six bombs in the front row but not behind the lakes?

Imagine a situation which is highly improbable in practice but still possible theoretically. A novice player in Stratego, when making his/her initial setup, has put all his/her six bombs in the front ...
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8 votes
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In the game of Stratego, is it possible to destroy all 40 enemy units?

Stratego. Both opponents have 40 units each at the start of the game. My question is, is it real to destroy/kill/capture all forty enemy units during a single game? By "destroy" I mean also passive or ...
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What happens when you are unable to move in Stratego?

What happens if you are a in a situation in which you are unable to make a valid move in Stratego? For example what would happen in the following situations: Your only pieces remaining are the ...
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6 votes
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Can you attack yourself?

Seems like there would never be any reason to attack yourself in Stratego.. unless you do screw up the placement of your pieces like a noob. So I ask, can you attack yourself? Of course, it doesn't ...
11 votes
2 answers

What are the differences between the various versions of Stratego?

I've only played the classic version of Stratego from the 1970s but it looks like there are at least 3 fundamentally different versions as of 2012. What are the differences between the various ...
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12 answers

What are good placement strategies for Stratego? [closed]

How would I set up a good placement in Stratego, especially with bombs and the flag? What is a good strategy for varying the placement?
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