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Studying seriously to improve one's skill in a game.

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3 answers

How can a TCG player overcome "short term memory overload"?

Many complex decisions in trading cards games seem amenable to a three stage model. The player must see as many potential lines of play as they can. For each potential line of play they see, the ...
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Is there a complete study on the statistics to bid?

Is there any definitive publication or study on statistics in bidding? Based on the rules Spades offers about bidding, in the image below, a player may bid 2 or 3. Ace Spades, Ace Heart, and King ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Resources for learning about good shape?

Shape is immensely important in Go, and you can read about the basics anywhere - don't make empty triangles, table and mouth shapes are good, etc. Where can I find more advanced treatments of shape?
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A reference of practical tsumego?

There are insanely many tsumego in existence, but many of them are very artificial and would never occur in real games. While any tsumego helps to improve, specifically learning shapes likely to be ...
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Strategy for studying professional games?

I recently took A. Dinershtein's Go style test. It was useful to me, as the test is aimed at finding professional players who might think the way you do, for study purposes. It has definitely worked ...
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Where can I watch recorded Go games from Masters?

I think I can learn more if I see what people some kyu above me do. I'm aware of a related question, but I think, this one is more specific and might diverge.
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