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A card-drafting game where players compete to have the best combination of sushi dishes.

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Wasabi In Sushi Go

In Sushi Go, what are the restrictions when playing Wasabi and Nigiri? As I understand it; Wasabi is played Next Nigiri goes on top and has value tripled Nigiri does not have to be the next card Is ...
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Is this the correct way to play the "Spoon" card?

Whenever we play the game with the "Spoon," we always follow these steps: First, all players choose a card from their own hands. Then, before the cards are revealed, call out "spoon!" and ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can a player get the second place points with no Maki Rolls in Sushi Go?

In a two player game of Sushi Go!, if only one player has Maki Rolls they would get the 6 points since they have the most of that type of card. Does the second player get the 3 points since they ...
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Can I look at my hand after revealing my card and before I pass it to the next player?

After playing a card face down and flipping to reveal, should I be allowed to survey my hand a few moments before passing it to the next player? The rules don't strictly disallow it, but I've noticed ...
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Can the Wasabi card and a Nigiri card be played together at once?

If I use a chopsticks card to play two cards, can a Wasabi I play simultaneously with a Nigiri be used together to triple the Nigiri points? My inclination from a strict reading of the rules is to ...
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