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A deck of playing cards (typically 78), which can be used for a variety of card games.

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Is there a Magic the Gathering card that resembles The Hanged Man Tarot card?

I have been looking for any card which has artwork resembling an entity dangling upside down but with no luck. Potential ideas could be something to do with the Rakdos circus, an over-confident ...
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What does Tarot card size mean

What does tarot card size mean?
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French Tarot (card game): Feasibility of playing a King on the first hand

I had a little debate with some friends about the feasibility of a certain type of play and wanted to get the communities opinion. The question is whether playing a King(Regent) on the first hand is ...
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Tarot card game strategies [closed]

I love this game and play quite regularly. Yet I don't seem to be able to advance my strategy level. Does anyone know of any decent resources that could help me here? I can handle it written in French....
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