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Techniques for teaching, learning, and improving one's skill.

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Where can I find a chart or diagram explaining Magic's turn structure?

I'm looking for a turn structure diagram for Magic the Gathering to use for teaching new players. There is a lot of information to keep track of in the turn: there is everything from the fact that ...
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Why are beginning to intermediate bridge players told to delay learning how to bid certain types of unusual hands?

When learning modern bidding (Standard American 5 card majors in my case), I noticed that the system's bidding techniques and common conventions described good ways of getting to a reasonable contract ...
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What are some good ways to transition to more complex strategic thinking games?

What are some strategies that people have used to introduce novice players (kids or spouses...) to increasingly complex strategic gaming? Ticket to Ride is a big hit at our house - we'd like to move ...
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What techniques should I use to teach my 5-year old to play chess?

The other night while playing checkers with my 5 year old, he told me that he wanted to make up a game using the checkerboard which had different pieces that could do different things. I told him that ...
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How should I approach teaching Magic:The Gathering to a new player?

I've been playing MtG since Ice Age (mostly with friends) so I'm now sitting on a massive duffle bag of cards, plenty of decks, and quite some experience of the game. I want to teach the game to ...
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How to play teaching game and give a useful review

I've reached a rank where I'd like to start and help weaker players improve their games. How can I make a review useful for the opponent? Should I go deep into variations Talk about theory? Should I ...
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Games to learn a foreign language or to enrich your vocabulary in your native language? [closed]

I like Scrabble for learning a foreign language or enriching my vocabulary in my native language. What other games also help you do that? Please submit one game per answer only - that works best with ...
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Getting started with trick-taking games (whist, euchre, bridge, pinochle, etc.) [closed]

I've heard there are a lot of different trick-taking games out there, such as whist, bridge, euchre, pinochle, oh hell, hearts etc. I've heard a lot of good things about these games, but have very ...
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2 answers

Bridge guide for experienced Spades player?

I'm a long-time online Spades player who's never played a single hand of Bridge, but I'd love to give it a try sometimes. I've always felt that the games seem rather similar, so I was looking for ...
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What are good resources or techniques to improve one's offence or finishing game?

I'm a moderately skilled chess player; I can beat most casual players and survive quite a while against class A, expert, or master players. Unfortunately, virtually all of my skill is in control of ...
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