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Questions tagged [terminology]

Terminology refers to the lingo of the trade, definition and understanding of the terms used by experts on a subject.

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Is there a formal designation for "pure placement" games?

Specifically in the context of abstract or combinatorial games. As an example, Go and Reversi are both placement games. Although mathematically distinct (Reversi requires placement in the center at ...
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Does the term "ramp" derive from the card "Rampant Growth?"

Many terms used in the context of Magic derive their names from individual cards. The usual example is to mill, which is derived from the effect of the card Millstone. Another common example is ...
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Is there a term for games that use kinetics?

Is there a particular name for categorizing board games that have some kinetics? Some of the examples are Fireball Island (monster throwing fireballs), Monopoly Jackpot (push button spinner) etc.
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In modern Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG PSCT, how are effects ordered?

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards often have several effects (and other sentences) in their card texts. For example, Amazoness Onslaught and Toy Magician each have three effects... Once per turn, during the Battle ...
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