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A game where players take the role of aristocrats who expand their princedom to win the most victory points.

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Can you get a single worker for a single die if you can only use one die roll?

We were playing The Castles of Burgandy. A player rolled two 5's, and it was late in the phase. There was a 5 play, by putting a building on a hex, which he did. But there was no other action he ...
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Do mines pay out at the end of the last phase in Castles of Burgundy?

For Mines, the rules state: the end of each phase, the player recieves 1 Silverling from the supply for each mine in his estate. And in the Game End section: The game ends after the fifth ...
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Catching an illegal move too late in Castles of Burgundy

I was playing The Castles of Burgundy last night, and early in the second phase, one of the players realized that he had made a major error the round before -- he had placed two of the same building ...
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