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The Resistance Avalon is a variant of The Resistance. It is a social deduction game for 5-10 players. Each player is dealt a loyalty card indicating whether they are a Loyal servant of Arthur or a Minion of Mordred. Loyal servants must try to successfully complete 3 quests by choosing a trustworthy team of players. The Minions must try to make 3 of the quests fail by getting included in the quest team and sabotaging it.

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Can't play bluffing game like Avalon or Were

First, I've no problem with my logic. I can play strategy games, coding. But I don't know why when it's come to bluffing game like Avalon or Werewolf, My brain is dead. I just don't get what they ...
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What is the use of Lady of the Lake card in avalon?

I have always wondered what is the use of this card. It would be great if someone could help me out with it.
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Is it ever advantageous to pretend to be the "hidden" team if you are on the majority team?

According to this BoardGameGeek post, it is never advantageous for a “good” character to pretend to be part of the “bad” team in a social deduction game. every. single. time. you explain these ...
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Additional/Made up roles in Resistance or Resistance avalon [closed]

My friends and I have started making up new roles for resistance when we get tired of using the basics like Merlin, Percival Mordred, Morgana and Oberon. I know Mordred can hide from Merlin, Merlin ...
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Is resistance Coup worth getting if I already have resistance avalon?

I've played regular Resistance and I have Resistance Avalon, but I've never played Resistance Coup is it worth getting? I like that you can play with just 2 people but, besides that I don't know much ...
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Oberon character in Avalon

At the end of the game, when the evil characters discuss who Merlin is, can Oberon reveal himself and join in the discussion? Edit: I'm asking this because in the games I've played, even though ...
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End of game questions

I have a couple of questions.... Firstly, do the bad guys reveal themselves before the end of the game and talk to the assassin or does he simply rely on himself. Also, does Oberon reveal himself at ...
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Is the quest leader required to be part of the team?

One of the players suggested that the team leader should be able to pick the team and not include himself in it, so we decided to try that for one game. We were playing with 10 people. As we tried ...
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Solution to Avalon board game

Question: If players are able to discuss strategy before playing Avalon, does the game have an optimal solution? The strategy can be as convoluted as you want. I just want to know if in principle ...
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Where can I find statistics on good/evil wins for the Resistance:Avalon for different role setups?

I'm trying to nail down exactly which roles work best for different numbers of players. While I have much anecdotal evidence from many game plays, I was wondering if anyone is actually keeping track ...
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Merlin always gets stabbed

I've been playing The Resistance: Avalon with a group and we're finding that the games usually end with the Good Guys passing 3 missions, but then the Forces of Evil win by assassinating Merlin. This ...
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Is Avalon worth getting if I already own The Resistance

I have a copy of the resistance which my group of friends really enjoys. I noticed that there's a game called Avalon in my local games store and am not sure if it is the same game re-skinned, or if it ...
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