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A game of competitive archaeology where players travel around Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East to obtain knowledge

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1 answer

Thebes: extending your turn past the end of the last year

In the game Thebes, does my last turn have to end exactly on the last week of 1903, or can I extend it into 1904? If it can be extended, is there a limit on how far into 1904 I may go?
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1 answer

Digging without cards

Can someone dig without any books of knowledge using only shovels (therefore taking out only a few tokens)? If not, why?
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1 answer

How are excavation permits handled if the turn you dig in straddles a year-end?

In Thebes, you're an archaeologist digging up ancient ruins around the turn of the 20th century. When you show up at a dig site, and dig for some variable amount of time, you expend your excavation ...