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A cooperative, narrative game of "decksploration" in which players are time agents working to complete their assigned mission.

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Time Stories Missing cards Prophecy of the dragon & The Marcy case

I’m looking for picture of 2 missing cards in two different time stories extansions : card number 26, element 19 (the one we had to kept for other missions) in PoD card 68 (Church B) in The Marcy ...
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Time Stories Asylum - missing card 1

Just got this game from a friend and card 1 that starts the Base card section is missing - does anyone have it? A screenshot or the the text would be great. Possibly it just says to read Base cards A ...
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Time Stories Asylum: Missing card 59

We are currently playing above game and card no. 59 is missing. Could anyone please post the text on the back?
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If tests are voluntary, why does one lose a life point automatically?

I'm a new owner of T.I.M.E Stories and about to play my first scenario within the next few weeks. However, studying the rules book (v 1.1) left me confused about the optionality of tests. If I ...
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Do Time Stories combats during travel between Locations use up Time Units?

In Time Stories, do battles, contests and challenges that take place as encounters during travel between locations use up Time Units? I don't think it's really covered in the base rules, but some of ...
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Which enemies count in Time Stories - A Prophecy of Dragons?

In A Prophecy of Dragons, there is a point where it mentions enemies counting and mentions a location name that seems vague - does it just mean in the one previous location, or something larger than ...
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Myram Lamm - how to apply magic abilities?

In A Prophecy of Dragons, how does one correctly apply the magic abilities of Myriam Lamm? As an example, Myst Bolt shows 1 star: remove 2 shields from your space. What happens if you roll more than 1 ...
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