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Questions tagged [tiny-epic-galaxies]

A dice-rolling, science fiction game in which players compete to have the strongest personal galaxy.

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2 votes
2 answers

Tiny Epic Galaxies - Can you follow and use ANY action?

There are some planets whose actions have come up as questionable whether they are allowed to be used by a player when it is not their turn (in a follow action): "...during your turn" Planet ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Does an action which gives you +2 Advance Civilization require they be used together?

There are several planets which provide +2 economy / diplomacy (e.g., Padraigin-3110). Do those have to be used to advance a single ship 2 spaces in orbit, or can they be used to advance 2 separate ...
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6 votes
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In Tiny Epic Galaxies - when do you get your new ships?

In Tiny Epic Galaxies you can follow people's moves on their turn, and one move might be to upgrade your empire, upon which you'd gain a new ship. Or similarly you might upgrade at the start of your ...
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