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What are the legal tournament formats for MtG?

What are the current legal tournament formats for Magic: The Gathering? What are the differences/definitions of each format? At what point do sets rotate in/out of a format?
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Which tournament format best emphasizes winning (as opposed to avoiding last place)?

I've played enough Settlers that I think I could do well in a tournament. However, a cursory glance at upcoming tournaments suggests that most Settlers tournaments use a Swiss scoring system that ...
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Can I look up the text of my foreign cards on my phone in MTG tournaments? [duplicate]

Hey guys I have a question. I play commander and most of my cards are in foreign language. I use google drive to have a picture of the actual card in English. If I go to a tournament am I allowed to ...
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How can I learn about and keep track of major Magic tournaments in my local area?

I've been interested in going to a large Magic tournament for a while now, though whether I can go and how far I could travel varies week by week. I know how to look up the Grand Prix schedule and ...
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