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The part of the game relating to the exchange of products or other resources, hopefully at a profit.

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What's the name of this oil trading board game?

When I was a child I used to play around with the figures of a game that a relative of mine had tucked away in his attic. It was some sort of oil trading board game and some of the components I ...
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Settlers of Catan trade dynamics question

Is it ok though to offer trade never intending to do it, as a way to gauge what other player is willing to give out for a said card? And then backtrack after other player agrees to that trade? Is it ...
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Recommended strategies for Mercante in Fiera?

Last night I played a traditional Italian card game, Mercante in Fiera (Merchant at the Fair) with a big group of friends. While everyone had a great night, as the auctioneer was very entertaining, ...
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Combined Catan player+player+bank transactions

Consider the following Catan scenario: Player A has 3 wheat. Wants ore. Player B has 1 wheat + 1 ore. Wants brick. Question: Is there any official rule which would explicitly explain if the ...
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Trading in two-player games

In a two-player game, why would one player ever trade with another? (I'm working on a new game for my publisher at the moment, and this question is coming up at work.) Let's say you have a three ...
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For one who likes trading games like monopoly what's the closest 2-player game with similar dynamics? [closed]

I've recently kindled my spouse's joy in board games but she has always enjoyed Monopoly as a child and tends to have that bias when selecting games. We've played Carcassone and she genuinely enjoys ...
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"Investing" in other players in Monopoly

I once played a (somewhat crazy) game of Monopoly where there were too many players, so not enough properties to go around. I ended up with close to zero property but lots of cash. So I made an "...
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Do other players replenish their traded cards after a trading phase in Bohnanza?

In Bohnanza say I have 5 cards during a round. Another player is in his trading phase and I trade a card with him, I put the traded card on my trading area and then plant it on my field. I'm now down ...
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Promised future trades as part of legal trades? (Solution described, alternatives/comments requested)

When making a trade in Settlers of Catan, there is no official rule encouraging or prohibiting making a promise (to make a certain type of trade or perform some kind of action in the future) during a ...
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When do trading deals become too unbalancing?

I've played a few games of Settlers of Catan with friends and seen some deals emerge in the trading that don't seem quite right to me. When do deals that extend beyond the current trade become ...
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Examples of board games with good/interesting rules for trading? [closed]

Trading is in my opinion often an overlooked aspect of rules for board games. The lack of such rules often results in players modifying or making up these rules themselves. While making up the rules ...
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What are common contracts in Catan?

Players in my Catan groups never reneg on deals, so we have a number of common contracts. For example, we often sell each other a "Not-Hit," the right to be avoided the next time the seller gets to ...
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Good sites for trading unwanted board/card games and expansions? [closed]

I recently bought the Rio Grande/Alea Games Treasure Chest box set to get the Puerto Rico and San Juan expansions, but the boxed set comes with other expansions for games I have never played, and most ...
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Are there good two player rules for resource trading in Settlers of Catan?

I've tried playing two-player Settlers, where each player controls one set of pieces, and each time a player builds they need to play a piece of the same type for one of the two uncontrolled colors (...
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Is pretending to want to trade before playing a monopoly card objectionable?

In Settlers of Catan, I sometimes try to ask people if they want to trade a certain resource, tricking them into revealing the approximate amount of that resource in everyone's hand. After this I play ...
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How do I avoid the endless trade negotiations in Settlers of Catan?

When I play Settlers of Catan, I often find myself rapidly bored by the trading component of the game. This is normally because of one or two players who insist on endlessly protracted negotiations ...
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