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A deduction game in which players attempt to prevent tragedies from befalling key individuals.

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What is the timing of activation conditions for mastermind abilities?

Specifically when playing with a Factor and a Brain, I was wondering about the timing of activating these abilities. Suppose the Brain is in the school which already has 1 Intrigue. During mastermind ...
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Who decides what does the informer reveal?

In Tragedy Looper the the ability of the "Informant" character is according to the plot/character summary is that Goodwill 5 (1×∞): Reveal subplot A or subplot B meaning that having 5 goodwill ...
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Which characters do Threads of Fate plot rule apply to?

The Threads of Fate plot rule states [Loop Start] Place 2 Paranoia on all characters who had Goodwill last loop The spreading incident allows for Goodwill to be moved from a character to ...
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