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Questions tagged [trashing]

A Dominion term for when cards are permanently removed from your deck. There is a wide variety of Dominion cards offering options for trashing, and many strategies depend on the speed of trashing available.

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10 votes
3 answers

Is it better to pick up a Chapel or Steward?

Consider a game where both Chapel and Steward are present. If the copper split is 4/3, is it better to pick up a Chapel or a Steward? Can you think of any situations where you'd pick up Steward if ...
13 votes
4 answers

Trashing Estates in Dominion

How vital is it to trash Estates in the early rounds of a Dominion game, given that there is an action card available to trash Estates?
21 votes
3 answers

How to use Chapel card to its fullest potential?

I've seen mentioned over and over that Chapel is a phenomenal card. But I have not seen detailed instructions as to how best to use it. As a relatively new Dominion player (<30 games, ~5 with ...